As kids come into our lives, everything changes. You what to spend maximum time with them and will try your best to give them quality and constructive upbringing. What better way to start the day than to take your little one for a ride on your bike? Although it sounds like a lot of fun, you need to be sure about their safety and comfort. Well, you got a solution to that, rear baby bike seat. It comes in two options; front mounted and rear baby bike seat. Cycling has been a growing trend among people of all ages. They prefer cycling down to work or plan up the family outing with all members on bikes. There are multiple benefits to your health and environment as a whole. Know about the benefits of taking up cycling from

Once your kid is big enough to sit and have natural control over their body, preferably nine months onwards, is when it’s okay to take them on your bike. The first thing is to find out whether your current bike is compatible to fix up a baby seat or not. Well, usually city bikes or commuter bikes are an excellent choice for adding a kid seat, although there might be specific constraints regarding specific brands or sizes. You find it difficult to incorporate the seat in models designed for mountain riding, full suspension road bikes or the ones with frames made of carbon fibre. Hence primarily, finding an appropriate bike becomes necessary.

Depending on what mounting option you are looking at, you need to check on few parameters.

Front Mounted
This one is comparatively a better option, since you can get a better view of your little one, and they also feel secure and comfortable, being placed between your two arms. Based on the design of the bike, few technicalities need to be checked. Primarily, is there sufficient space to comfortably fit in the seat? A mounting bracket is used to mount the seat, the thickness of which defines the space required. The headset slot on your bike is another consideration. Need to see, if it is threaded, which means it has a visible screw or thread which is tightened to the structure using internal bolts. Threaded headset gives better grip to mount the seat. The distance between the handle and seat tube should be large enough to accommodate a front seat which takes 10” of space. Thus post fitting it, sufficient space should be left to comfortably paddle the cycle.

Rear Mounted
Two things to look for are the seat should be free from any obstacle or wiring and the other is that the saddle should be at a convenient height to fit in the seat appropriately.

All other features to consider include, size, and age of the child. Front mounted is right for kids up to 3 years, after that rear seat fitting would be advisable. The shoulder straps, the reclining adjustment options, seat shape, footrest, proper suspension are few other considerations which needs to be evaluated to suit your kid’s comfort.

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