Golf is the game that might look very laid back and relaxed, but the fact is that it is much more than that. If want to play the game like a pro, it is essential that you have a few important items in your bag. You might have the aptest Xcaliber Shafts in your suitcase, but that does not make you a pro. According to for playing like a pro you need to have a few essential extra items in your bag so that you do not have to leave the game in between.

Many a time, you might have noticed that the experienced golfers like to play their music on the golf course to remove the boredom. Most of the time, these are the people who miss the golden periods of their life and like to re-live that with music. You too should invest in a pair of portable and high-quality speakers and make them a part of your golf bag. These are not very expensive, and you can easily carry these compact speakers.
You should also have a GPS device. Actually, this is a device that will help you find the range to measure the distance electronically. These are not very cheap but definitely are a great addition to your golfing kit. This device is in the kit of the serious golfers and if you want others to take you seriously it important that you have it too.

When you are golfing out there in the open, you must have some reference to the rule book to solve any dispute over the rules. This will help you save time and energy. If there is any confusion, you can quickly look into the rule book. You can buy the pocket size version which is also plastic coated to help you keep it safe from moisture. This book also has the various question answered on its last pages, and most of the golfers find their answers in these last pages.

If you want to get the ball in alignment, you must make sure that you have the golf ball stencil that will do the needful. This stainless steel Tin Cup is a great way of making a great design n your golf ball. There are numerous designs to choose from making your golf ball a unique one.
The Devot tool is also an essential item to be in your golf bag. Having a multipurpose tool is always better as it can serve you many purposes at the same time. This will help you repair the ball marks by without requiring a lot of efforts.

One thing that is found in the bag of all the good players is the alignment rod. Since alignment is a crucial aspect of golf, it is important that you have a device that helps you put the ball in the best alignment possible.

Playing like a pro will definitely gain you many followers in the golf field but if you have all the things sorted out from before you will be the ideal of most of the newbie in the field. So, be prepared for all types of situations.

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